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~IB~(Its Braap) are very pleased to have received valuable contributions from Louis Casson which enhance the ~IB~ experience for our Braappers. We are all about being positive and demanding the best from ourselves; traits which Louis clearly displays in his biography. Louis has contributed poetry and also written a short series of articles regarding writing and publishing poetry which was a special Wednesday feature for 4 weeks commencing Wednesday 16th May 2012.

Poetry Mechanics WK 1
Poetry Mechanics WK 2
Poetry Mechanics WK 3
Poetry Mechanics WK 4

Biography text for LOUIS CASSON

A poet and lyricist, Louis J. Casson is based in Northampton, England. His arts activities also include that of Blues musician: bass guitar and lead guitar.

Main awards & achievements:-

• Poetry anthologies on Amazon.co.uk, most recent “See You in the Big Time” (2011). “Love and Blues” album on iTunes.

• Honorable mention in the 17th Billboard World Song Contest (2009). Category: Blues and R & B.

Social Media presence:-

• Blog: http://louisjcasson.blogspot.com/

• Behance portfolio site (MP3 readings of poems lyrics, plus tasters of books) http://www.behance.net/LJCasson

Published articles:-

• Poems and commentary on poems and poetry making.
(own Blog, Morgen Bailey site)

• On career and self development, also stress management
(in my work as coach, mentor, and stress counselor).

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