Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Nursery School (going home) - Joyce Grenfell

Classic British humour which we can still relate to today! Joyce Grenfell enjoyed great success with her series of Nursery School monologues, originally for radio. She certainly picks up the full flavour of a teacher trying to retain a calm attitude whilst being sorely tried by her young class. If it's not one thing it's the next and children are still children.

We work very much on the positive with children today and some of this comes through however many people still use negative discipline rather than positive encouragement- all too easy as many parents know. Classes are structured very differently allowing children a wider choice of activities geared towards their personal interests. Today's nursery class teachers are frequently challenged by the 'super hero' syndrome rather than good old fashioned cowboys and Indians showing how children need that kind of excitement in their lives. Children have changed and become little adults far more quickly, ultimately though they still require encouragement, praise, discipline and guidance ... after all, they are still only children and cannot know what is best for them. Our job is to be adult and not argue back, treating them with love and respect whilst doing our best to inspire and guide. Parenting is an exceptionally difficult job and we all make mistakes, so do the best you can and never beat yourself up over anything!

Jaz McKenzie

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