Our Features!

WE ARE CONSTANTLY SEEKING NEW WRITERS, POETS, SINGERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, ARTISTS, DESIGNERS!! Our philosophy is to expose new talent and encourage people to 'have a go' and try new things.

If you love to write poetry, articles, reviews or even have a specific view to express or interests to share we would love to hear from you.... as long as Its Positive!! If you send your favourite saying with a few words we will post it in Be Braap~Be Inspired' with your photo links. We are here to help you move forwards, so even if you are not a good writer but have a great point of view we would still love to hear from you... enthusiasm is key!!

We feature music videos and interview artists. We attend shows & will review. If you have a new video out or would like to invite us to your shows contact us!

We enjoy sharing your artwork and will mark it so that it cannot be used! Send with a few words about the pieces and in some instances we may be able to interview you. The same applies to photographers and designers. We would also love to hear from dancers, actors, comedians and everyone with something to offer.

Whatever your interest we would love to hear from you... DON'T PUT IT OFF... CONTACT US NOW! This is a great opportunity for free exposure & we will always include your links with your work.

For more information or to send an example of your work (this will not be used without prior consent,) please Email us at itsbraap@live.co.uk Thank you. ~IB~