Our Services

Behind the 'ITS BRAAP blog' lie the talents of Word Magician Jaz McKenzie whose innovative style and flair will instantly bring your project to life. Whether you are selling yourself in an Artist Biography- or planning to inject a lively feel into your website and service/product literature, Jaz has the skills to take the facts, identify key information and create a personality to match- with the minimum number of words!

Jaz has written many Bio's and different types of leaflets/service information from holiday brochures to video advertising literature and scripts; capturing the public interest and imagination. In addition, Jaz produces excellent business letters, proposals and can assist with documents such as business constitutions, business plans and even constructive letters of complaint that will help you achieve your desired outcomes. This is a service professional people truly benefit from. Image is everything and word power really is key to success 

Enquire NOW. Email: itsbraap@live.co.uk