Present 4 Peace

'I am present for peace,' is the slogan created by The Peacekeepers USA, designed to be a global initiative to help us work towards peace in our own communities; hence the spread of peace ultimately around the globe. The operation has reached the UK where it is picking up momentum with new branches opening and new initiatives being created. Peacekeepers UK even has its own website... check out link under affiliated sites.

The aim of the Peacekeepers is to keep our communities safe

The Peacekeepers take the message of peace to the streets during an 'hour of power' held each week by local groups and it is proving effective as more & more people are becoming involved.

Peacekeeping is for everyone who wants to make a difference.

Local projects & initiatives are extremely important to help people create new focus in life, particular our youth who tend to become negative as there are few opportunities for them. Look at this statement from Russell Simmons, well known world wide for his contributions in the musical sphere and see what YOU might be able to do to help:

'We are now pushing to make this program International, as the need is too great and the consequences of inaction are too severe. We will need partners, we will need funding, we will need the men and women to join and we will need a willingness of cities to work with us. What we have seen in Queens and Trenton already inspires us to move forward, because with love all things are possible'

Points to consider:

1) Do you have The Peacekeepers in your area? Join them! If you don't, write to The Peacekeepers & see about starting one. There are so many places in the world who do not yet have The Peacekeepers. Maybe you could be the first to start a branch in your area or even your country?

2) Do you have a project in mind that The Peacekeepers could help you with, focusing on creating harmony or interest in the community?

3) Do you have skills that will help spread the word? Maybe you are good at marketing, good at communicating or have other specific skills. Get in touch with The Peacekeepers.

4) Could you organize an event to raise money to help The Peacekeepers? Every penny counts.

5) Would your organisation like someone from The Peacekeepers to come & talk about their work? They will happily come along & share their business with you!!

6) Maybe you would simply like to purchase a T-shirt to help spread the message visually? Contact The Peacekeepers or Its Braap & we will see to your order.

7) If you prefer you can make a donation via the official website.

For more information about the work of the Peacekeepers check out their website, Link available on our home page.(Top Right)

If you are imterested & would like more information please contact us!