Be Braap~Be Inspired! Real Quotes from Real People

This is a series where we share inspiring quotes about life and love which everyone is welcome to contribute to. One of the greatest ways to enjoy life is to find ways of inspiring others, so let's work together to encourage one another. We share well known quotes and sayings from everyday life which are deemed wise words!

BE BRAAP! Send your favourite quotes or sayings and you can include a photo of yourself (optional) to: These can be your own quotes or famous sayings and we will include them in this regular section of our blog. NOTE: you do not have to be a great writer, simply send YOUR quote with YOUR thoughts in a few words as the aim is to inspire others!

Below we have a examples of strong sayings for you to draw from and these include an interpretation! 

1) ‘Be positively selfish’ ~ Michael Arkk ~ Musician> when you consider yourself first & stick to your objectives you will be in a good position to support others.

2) ‘Be persistent & consistent’ ~ Bivas Amabasada, ~ Film Director, Youthanasia Films> The qualities required in order to achieve.

3) ‘Just Do It’ ~Nike~> campaign theme that is extremely motivational, encouraging us to stop procrastinating and focus.

4) 'Never degrade another person to upgrade yourself HATE depreciates your value not theirs.' ~Trevor Benjamin~ Strong words that remind us how often the power of negativity is based upon selfishness. It is better to be supportive of others and use their achievements as something to aspire to!

‎5) 'We fully enjoy life when when we are ourselves and make a mockery of who we are truly created to be when we are not.' - Carrot Jarrett > true words, when we lose sight of our true selves we so often lose our way and miss out on all the joys life intended for us.

6) 'The more u have knowledge of self the more u begin 2 attract what u want. An that goes from your career 2 your relationships.'~LucSkyz~ Rap artist> This is so true. Once you really understand what makes you tick, the things that make you mad, aspects of life that you can or can't cope with you will be able to adjust your behaviour, capitalize on your natural gifts and have greater ability to understand others.

7) 'Don’t settle for average. Bring your best to the moment. Then, whether it fails or succeeds, at least you know you gave all you had. We need to live the best that’s in us.' Blackk Blunt aka the Black Diamond