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ITS BRAAP started out from a musical foundation & we are keen to continue supporting singers & musicians from all genres. In order to support our Braappers in a really positive way we are asking you to 'LIKE' our Facebook page & post your new tunes there. (you may continue to post in the original group for regular exposure of your music.) Please note that we promote positive vibes so this is not the right venue for expressions of hatred or negativity.

We will review all tunes posted to our page and occasionally feature them here on this blog with original information supplied by the artist; requested at our discretion. Alternatively you may send your mp3 or mp4 to: with a few words about your music for consideration with a view to posting on this blog. Please note; your video or soundcloud may also be used on this blog if it enhances our subject for the day. To work as a team and help build each other we particularly appreciate artists' comments on other peoples music giving praise and constructive criticism. Giving feedback helps everyone grow & you will receive feedback in turn.

The other advantage of this new system is that people will be able to go to our Facebook page and check your music at any point as it will remain on the timeline. So can you... You never know, you may find an artist you wish to collaborate with!

We have recently started this enterprising system and here are 2 examples of the feedback we appreciate receiving:

Rowanne Paris> Bless up thanks for the time taken checking out the tune & fab feedback, bless up always to ~IB~

Obi Rudo> Some Times Your Positive comments from "Its Braap" Digs so deep its enough to motivate me for the whole week! Thank You Very Much...Also 100% agree with the FRENCH Lady...Much Respect

The group can be easily reached by clicking the 'Facebook Badge to the right or by following this link

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