Monday, 24 October 2011


I was thinking about Facebook and all the things that goes on here and came up with this poem to try and capture both the good and the not so good! ~QJ~

Facebook how do I regard you?
An interesting question!
Now let’s see in which direction
This is going to lead.
On the whole I enjoy you
But I do not like the seeds
Of dissension
Scattered around the place
Too much up-front in your face competition
And sly underhand actions
Everyone jostling for a premier position
And I’d like to make it plain
I refuse to engross in power plays
I refuse to play the status game
All that bigging up
Or knocking back
Is not for me
The first thing that comes in my head you will see!
And I love posting up links
Extending the mind
Making us think.
The arts
Fundamental to my mental state
And above all
You people
Who bring joy to the soul
Facebook on the whole
You got a good thing going!!!


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