Sunday, 30 October 2011


OOOH, The problems with Technology!!

A few years ago I didn’t have a clue about computers. In fact, prior to joining Myspace in April 2007 I couldn’t even cut & paste however Myspace appeared to be the technical challenge my inner self was clearly craving.

It is very interesting how we manage to challenge ourselves without even realising that we are doing so. Interest is obviously the key factor. I was Googling Carlos Acosta at the time as I liked to keep up to date with his movements & the PC informed me that he had ‘Moved to Myspace.’ It then asked if I would like to join Myspace so I clicked yes without knowing what it was! Lenny Kravitz had recently moved there & as I skimmed my eyes down his page I saw the gorgeous Chang I, male model & musician, so asked my son what I was supposed to be doing on there. I discovered that I could write to Chang but it was ages before I realised how to request friends; although by some miracle could add those who requested me! Eventually I learnt how to upload a picture and set it to default. Finally I discovered how to request friends and wrote to Gypsy numerous times asking why he hadn’t added me... when he had! At the time I didn’t know how to view more than 4 friends & Gypsy was #5!! My workmates showed me how to customise the page which involved copy & pasting codes. With the help of on-line friends I eventually became so competent that I designed my profile like magazine which attracted great attention resulting in me running 2 additional pages for a reggae singer & boy band! To organize these pages properly I mastered some external links to improve content which was time consuming yet very rewarding.

The last couple of years I have been very busy on Facebook and formed the group ‘Its Braap. ’ This enabled people to publicize their own music as I was unable to promote all the music that people were requesting. Originally I was able to listen & comment on all their posts however I find it impossible to keep up with now in addition to running my pages. The number of pages I work on has grown significantly and too much for just one person! Even so ‘Its Braap clearly needed a blog spot and thanks to Christopher Smith who helped to set up the ‘Its Braap’ Youtube & ‘Linked In,’ watching him gave me the underpinning knowledge to design this blogspot entirely unaided. Now that’s a landmark in technological history as was my NVQ 2 in IT.

So with these great achievements under my belt I confidently went on-line to do initial tests for the management course I am about to undertake. HMMMMMMM... This should have proved simple enough! Guess what?!?! First I couldn’t find the log in... Why? Because it didn’t say ‘LOG IN’ !!! Instead there was a pale grey sentence I completely overlooked so failed to click on it. That sentence takes you to the Log In as I discovered with the tutors help. Finally I entered the site & went looking for the tests. This was not a simple process either despite being shown during induction. I finally came across them once I relaxed my mind & bingo...Clicked on a few things & found the link to the tests. The tests themselves failed to show however it now reads that I have completed them... DWL!! I guess it just shows how diverse our thinking actually is. When designing things they seem clear to us yet may leave others extremely confused. Well I guess I can anticipate the test results very easily... a straight zero across the board!! Good job we can reset isn’t it!!! The ultimate thought here is that life is forever a learning curve.

Jaz McKenzie

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