Saturday, 22 October 2011


TIME TO MEET QUEEN JAZ>> For those of you discovering me for the first time! AND partly because I am not a whizz at technology so we do it as we go LOL!! Here is a poem written back in Feb 2008 during a very challenging time!

This is me
Living my life my way
Regardless of what other people say
Listening to the advice my friends and family give
But at the end of the day I choose…

People always say that I am strong
They are right, but again…
Sometimes they're wrong.
Strength pertains to each situation
A space or place in the timescale of my life
Right now I'm at my weakest
Days filled with pain, worry and strife.

I need to tap into the positive flow of vibes
Natural vibes flowing all around
Especially the vibes that reach me through the net
And… the sound …of a voice filled with encouragement
Which can make me rejoice and say
'Praise the Lord because He's given me another day.'

Another day in which to communicate
Relate to those surrounding me at work
At home, in the Jacuzzi and pool…
On myspace where the golden rule
Is be positive, strong and nobody's fool
But this is ME and today I feel weak
So I'm blogging it coz I'm a real person
Not some kind of happy-go-lucky circus freak.

This is me… locked in many battles
I have found so much of myself
But there is more for me to know
I need to develop my skills… I need to grow.
I need to recover those characteristics I left behind
Practical skills that must catch up, be refined
In order to create a true balance
Complimenting the brilliance of my mind.

I need to mention the spiritual plain
Where the forces are growing in momentum
Lucifer is working very hard to make his gain
To try and steal my soul from the Lord's hands
But this is good because it means I am worth fighting for
And Lucifer I am not going along with your plans
No…I am going to have to learn how to really pray
To enable You 'Our Father' to sort out my life … Your way

This is me
Queen Jaz …Queen Flirt… Queen freakin Kool
Breaking the usual rules of engagement
Very up-front and in your face
Saying what I think in life and on myspace
This parallel world that many don't understand
An extension of self leading to self-fulfilment
An outlet for pleasure, anxiety and creativity
Yep, myspace is definitely truly me.

And those who know me need to understand
I cannot change… cannot reverse …
I AM ME and change would lead to self-destruction
It would be a curse… a spiral would ensue
Crushed personality leads into the well of depression
I am not going there… to thine own self be true.

So this is me
There is no question as to who I am
Bright and lively, full of fun
Creative and opinionated but unfortunately
Stubborn, very stubborn
I have a little flexibility…
A degree of sway… but at the end of the day
I AM ME… the question is

Jaz McKenzie

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  1. Taken from FACE BOOK> Gregory Boyce> Jaz you are a poetic genius. I love both your spiritual humbleness and your individual swag. You have a deep soul that's intoxicating. I like your honesty in your poetry my friend. You'll do superbly well with Its Brapp my friend so no "good lucks" are needed....just continued prayers. I'm very proud of you and your hard work.