Saturday, 22 October 2011

Welcome to the world of ‘Its Braap’!!!

Welcome to the world of ‘Its Braap’!!!  The most frequently asked question I encounter is, ‘What’s Braap? To name a business is always very challenging and at the time of creating ‘Its Braap’ I was working actively on Facebook for a reggae page, tuning into many internet radio shows with live chat rooms. I noticed that whenever a ‘Boom Chune’ came on people wrote BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!!!!!  This clearly embedded itself in my subconscious and once considered, I recognized it’s potential. Braap is a strong word that defined everything I wished to promote in a very direct way; which is not surprising as Mozez of Numen Records later informed me that Braap is the Jamaican word for gunshot!..POW GOT YOUR INTERST NOW!! By pre-fixing with ‘Its’ the word Braap turns into more of a statement which can be applied to anything that is both good and positive.  

Everything that is posted under Its Braap needs to have the ‘Braap Factor.’ It needs to be reflective of life and provide qualities such as encouragement or enjoyment to others through music, poetry or even designer wear as this can emit the feel good factor.
If it’s good Its Braap ~QJ~ 

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