Joseph Macwan - Wind Has Got My Size

Joseph Macwan ‘Wind Has Got My Size’~ An introduction to Ska.

Today has been a great day, partly because I spent some time with Michael Arkk whose team is currently planning to launch a brand new Festival here in the UK. Now, that is an exciting prospect for 2012!

‘The Heritage of Ska’ will be the first ever exclusively Ska festival to be held in the UK and is designed to be both a fun and educational event aimed towards the whole community. The very nature of Ska music demands enjoyment and participation which is partially why it has crossed over culturally, drawing fans from a wide range of races and identities. ‘Wind Has Got My Size’ is a really good little number to retune your Ska vibes which I discovered posted on my Facebook wall. It is performed by UK artist Joseph Macwan & is on his debut album ‘Time is Up’... who knows, we may see him in what we hope will be a spectacular line-up of popular established artists and today’s new talents!

Here are the details so you can pop them in your calendar now... yes ‘in’ is the word!
<< July 7th and 8th 2012 >> Brockwell Park London SE24<< Website soon coming so bookmark now >>

Jaz McKenzie


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