Refection of A Summer's Eve- Poem by Jaz McKenzie

Looking back to summer evenings past
Pale light reflective in the watery shine
Yet with the newly fashioned seasonal mix
Our autumn eve’s too appear sublime
Winter calls, darkness bearing down
Coldness creeping stealthily through the air
Whilst the day time sun still shines quite brightly
Rain flexing from mild showers to severe



CREATING HAVOC, here and there.

Whilst the world turns.

All across the globe our lives are racing
Hearts beating with the challenges we face
Our ups and downs at times seem monumental
Leaving without a whisper or a trace
Here we are today and yet tomorrow?
Not promised, can’t be held within our hands
Time forever will be ticking on, eternal
So let’s live life and work it to a plan!



CARING, SHARING, woman, child or man

Glimmering life’s reflections

Jaz McKenzie © 2011

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