Monday, 28 November 2011

Unique Poems by Chaynnell Rue

Chaynnell Rue performing live at 'Z-Lounge.'

Chaynnell is from Pennsylvania & recently performed at the Rex Theater, Pittsburgh


Love is a subject I really don't share
even though my heart is real big and very dear
a smile a day can kill any mood and change ur ways
Love is like a smile that u show the world day to day
how can that be replaced?????
Love is the same game
broke poor, just making it just and wanting to hit the floor
there is that love and a smile that opens the door
so refreshing something u can't by pass
just straight to the door
So sending a smile is love
start smiling and looking around
Love can be anywhere around.(Freestlye).~ChayButta~G.M.E>

Chaynnell writes as she finds life, very directly, tending to give her poems one word titles. This has translated into a style that people easily connect with. Here is Chaynnell's favourite poem 'FEELINGS' & a little about herself.

I have been writing since I was 15yrs old. This would be my fav poem, only cuz feelings really get u in some tight spaces and I need this to remind me everybody changes on how they feel and I dont want to change on feelings but the fact of the life inspires me to write. my life is adventure and what a great story...I think my poems touch people by letting them know the same thoughts they think, there is other people that feel the same..basic living is what people want to hear about...I like to do a CD and maybe just write a book. My fav subject is Math..I started performing at IUP while taking dance and drama...from the plays I really started performing them cuz people ask me to write a poem for them all the time. I work for a entertainment company G.M.E.and been on stage for awhile.

feelings they come they go
one second i like u then i don’t
those r feelings!
Don’t loose control!!
i would like too say,or maybe i wont!
oka u draged it out
feelings are man made they r not real!
there i said it,i cant get no more real!!!
feelings they go away
thats nothing im proud to say
i want to always have the feel of joy in play
but as we know feelings make u feel that way
feelings get hurt
causing pain on self
that sounds painful in away
feelings create lust
in later days it becomes rust
feelings i would like to say can crash ur a**
so let me leave by saying
ashes to ashes dust to dust watch before those feelings can make ur life rough....

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  1. 'Great work Unique keep smiling keep shining.' Wize-Dome TheLyricist

  2. Please note> if you can't get comments to work I will post them for you!! Thanks Wize Dome ~QJ~

  3. Thanks to all the people who support me and what i stand for,,,thank u

  4. Beautiful Chaynell! So proud to see u doing ur thang!! Ur a true talent! God Bless!

  5. i really like what u shared with us.. keep up doing the great work hun, nice poem, Cheers!!