Saturday, 12 November 2011


I don’t know what you think about this somewhat notorious show which Simon Cowell has swept across the Atlantic landing it squarely in the middle of American prime time TV.

The X-Factor UK has been on an ‘extraordinary journey ‘and produced a couple of quality stars, Leona Lewis & Alexandra Burke springing to mind. Must say, Leona does nothing for me... predictable every time; in fact I had to laugh when I heard that her autobiography was virtually a glorified picture book!

Anybody who would like the low down on the X-Factor should pick up a copy of Ben Elton’s book ‘Chart Throb.’ Ben has sussed it out to a tee and watching the show rapidly deteriorating in front of our eyes it’s fast becoming the ‘desperation factor.’ First Jedward, then Wagner... what on earth was all that about? Followed this year by Goldie who was clearly bonkers and couldn’t sing; very sad to see a man like Louis Walsh with a sharp reputation prior to the competition lowering his standards to find his ‘wind up the public’ factor. My thought... Goldie was paid off to disappear quietly! On top of all that we viewers and also some rejected worthy contestants have had to contend with the deplorable ‘bad bwoy‘ behaviour of Frankie Cocozza ( I was told that a comedian had referred to Cocozza as the Italian for coke head!!) Personally I imagine Gary Barlow had anticipated being able to strengthen Frankie’s voice and turn him into a soft rocker, sadly such a feat was beyond his capabilities... Soooooo exit Frankie. Quick thought... was the double eviction planned with a view to the unfolding drama?

It now looks as if the X has become a symbol for the major cover-up of several catastrophic decisions. The show is a shambles, very unfortunate for the 3 worthy contestants; Misha B, Marcus Collins & girl band ‘Little Mix.’ Love or hate Kitty Brucknell the woman can sing & perform.

What happens next? We will see how the producers are going to rectify the current situation. Evidently the plan is to replace Frankie which will leave the new contender weeks behind with regard to professional tuition & the experiences of performing week after week in front of a live crowd.
X-Factor?!?!?! Xtreme, Xcrutiating, Xtraordinarliy irritating... come on people and add your own... and maybe we should demand a public Xplanation form Mr Cowell & the programme producers!

Jaz McKenzie

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  1. As true as your comments might be there is no denying the xfactor gives a BIG stage to all who want to perform.the majority know they will never make it BIG TIME...and even winners contract are restricted to basically ..sell cds/fill concerts or its over..nothing new there ..but xfac as grown internationally assiting xposure and entertainment and variety for our entertainment..also many side contracts and bookings as well as label signings and the xf tour will boost anyones career in a time of economic and social depravity not many will say no to selling their soul as the music industry if you can get a hand up regardless of who likes you or not let em eat cake...coz who knows where the next slice is coming from...
    Tony V event org dj/dancer/showcase producer of the..
    BriXton Artists Network Development
    the ((( b.a.n.d ))) a creative enterprise underground since 1988 original X crew!!
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