Astro - The X Factor U.S. - Audition 1

Teen Astro the Great!

The American X-Factor has been blazing for several weeks now and sadly it’s brightest flame the now 15 year old Brian Bradley, AKA ‘Astro,’ was shot down tonight (on UK TV) when he received the lowest vote. Astro swept the whole of the USA away & beyond during his first appearance where he directly challenged Simon Cowell in a manner to which Simon was clearly unaccustomed... Simon’s face a picture to behold! After directing the sound man Astro burst into a rendition of his own song, ‘Stop Looking at My MOM.’ By the end of the track the entire audience had got the flow & was joining in making viewers feel as if they were watching a live gig.

Yes, Astro arrived with attitude and clearly the right attitude to be able to cut a career in this business. It was obvious that as a Rapper he had little chance to win; sadly he was not blessed with good singing voice which is a ‘must’ due to the way the competition is structured. L.A. Reid made Astro work harder than any other contestant requiring him to write new lyrics every week & rightly so as his version of Eminem’s song ‘8 Mile’ during the show’s ‘film week’ was outstanding.

A couple of weeks ago Astro was voted as one of the bottom 2 acts and was expected to sing for survival. Astro was not expecting this and could not cope, wanting to pull out instantly from the competition. However, he was persuaded otherwise & to give credit where it’s due came back in force with a renewed positive attitude, promising his fans that he would never behave in that way again: a promise that Astro lived up to tonight when he gracefully accepted that he was voted off and his time in the competition had come to an end. Astro re-assured his fans, branded ‘astronauts’ that Team Astro is here to stay. Such terminology highlights the business acumen of this young rapper whose branding is another reason why he will be a huge star. Astro is clearly on the road to success and such a positive example/role model for today’s youth.

FINALLY!! It’s official >> Teen Rapper Brian Bradley, AKA Astro IS BRAAP! << He is also>> PC ~Positive & Creative~ << NOW, How about you?!?!?!

Jaz McKenzie