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Don’t you think that it is fantastic to come across people who have a real vision as to how to use their talents to enhance the lives of others? Stokely Rose is such a person who clearly has the ‘Braap’ Factor & his initiatives are creating wonderful opportunities for Jamaicans to come together and combine health orientated activities within an exciting programme aimed at socializing people and sharing experiences. I would love to jump on a plane & join the ‘Fitmas Hike’ this festive season... sadly finances won’t permit! Full details included below. Stokely is extremely professional in his approach & sent a document outlining the necessity to be aware of your health prior to making the commitment to join in. Here is Stokely’s personal summary of the opportunities his ‘Train Fit Club’ offers:

(Team TrainFit)

My name is Stokely Rose(ISSA Certified) and I am the owner and operator of TrainFit Club. TrainFit Club is a freelance organization that brings people together in various locations in the name of health, entertainment, Education and fitness. We have transformed lives and brought fitness and health awareness to many individuals and institutions. Our activities include: partnering with Health Clubs to put on Fitness Hikes, Moonlight Excursion, Beach Fun Day, Scenic Tours and other outdoor activities, and conducting health talks and fitness classes in Churches. Our aim is to bring fitness and health awareness to people wherever they are comfortable. In other words, we want to impact communities with this new approach: “Health, Education, Entertainment and Fitness is anywhere you want it to be.”

We also encourage Jamaicans in the Diaspora and visitors to come see a different side of our Island, not just the beach, parties and city life but our historic sites, beautiful hills, mountains and indigenous places. For more info see the number and links below:

Stokely Rose: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
Freelance Trainer & Owner Of "TrainFit Club"(Hiking,Scenic Tours,Group Nutrition/Workout Plans & Outdoor Activities)
Contact: or 1-876-366-0435.
Join my "TrainFit Club" or Group on Facebook:


Date: DEC 11, 2011
Location: RAF-JAM Cafe Irish Town.
Trail: Red Light/ Greenwich

Time: 3hrs(Rest stop @ New Castle)

Cost: JM$3000.00/ US$40.00 per person (includes: food & drink, use of trail, Trail guides, parking/security)
Food choices: Baked Chicken, Veggie Stew (choose one)

1.We will meet @ Ript Gym between 6:00am to 6:45am
2.Convoy up to RedLight, Irish Town by 8am(for those without vehicles, limited carpooling available)
3.Commence hike and daily activities by 8:15am
4.Lunch, fun and games between 11am and 2pm.
5.Head back to Kingston about 3pm or when you are ready.

Arranging Lunch.. Stokely to the right of the pic!

Sign-up @ Ript Gym, shop #7, 29 East Kings House Rd, Barbican Centre or call 631-2466, 631-2566.

DEADLINE TO SIGN UP & PAY(cash/card) IS DEC 9, 2011. All sign-up and payments are non refundable.


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