The Goose is Getting Fat??

Christmas is Coming!

...And the goose is getting fat. Sadly this is a lean year so in some ways that goose is the lucky one, never going short before that fatal day!

QUESTION; Do you have a penny to put in the old man’s hat?!?!

You know, it’s so easy to try and provide the same this year as every year and many people over stretch themselves to the point of no return; so sad as this highlights the false values of our society. Children these days do not concern themselves on the whole with their parents’ predicaments, they simply want what they want and throw ridiculous accusations at others when they cannot have it. After all, their friends always have one!

So how did we ever become so materialistic?

In a nutshell, I always look towards the progression in society which incorporates the gradual decline of the extended family. Generation to generation, the passing of knowledge, was actually the backbone of society teaching us morals and values, in addition to practical aspects of child rearing. I will direct you specifically to an area of major concern, the respect of others and in particular our elders. Today’s youth are frequently scathing regarding the knowledge of their elders and may be inclined to ridicule them which is a sad reflection of their inability to be open to ideas and suggestions. Yes children have more knowledge in some areas, especially technology and that alone can give them the ‘upper hand.’ I used to laugh when my teenage son told his Gran that she didn’t know how to cook certain dishes... he still has a limited culinary repertoire! Communication is lacking... severely... and children tend to communicate via technology. At least the Wii takes the fam-ine out of family and encourages family interaction even if everyone is gathered around the TV! This ability to laugh together is an improvement on the more limited PC & Play station games of the not so recent past. The physical exercise these games incorporate is definitely a bonus.

The ray of hope I see now compared to the last 10+ years is that we are encouraged to teach children not just their rights but also their responsibilities. It has been a long time coming but will hopefully lead to a more responsible generation. The likes of Nanny Jo Frost are encouraging parents to return to good old- fashioned, ‘kind but firm’ discipline implementing strict yet realistic measures. This is good for working parents in particular as they often have the guilt complex... I remember that so well!

Christmas is coming that’s for sure and despite hardship is often a focus for fun and enjoyment in a bleak year, so go ahead and make the most of it... but don’t be pushed beyond your limits and live to regret it! Merry Christmas... have a Braap one!

Jaz McKenzie

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