KEHV-Prince Of Reggae Soul Love Will Find a Way

‘Its Braap’ featured video, ‘Love Will Find A Way’ is beautifully produced and lyrically we are treated to Kehv’s positive, encouraging words that always give food for thought. Many of us will associate with the theme of tested love, having to make decisions about a relationship & especially deciding whether what we have is worth fighting for. Sometimes relationships are so strained it looks impossible to mend them however as Kehv states, ‘We can achieve, nothing is impossible to achieve.’

The filming tells the story and is shot in synchronization with the lyrics. For me the bonus is the imagery of the sea which backs up the vision of life ebbing & flowing eternally!

Here is Kehv’s take on ‘Love Will Find A Way’>

'While making Love Will Find a Way it was apparent that these words sung to melody compiled a magical potion. The high level of energy that took over the atmosphere was a gift from the Most High, that created a synergy that even now continues to grow outside of the set.
Giving Thanks!' Kenv ‘Prince of Reggae Soul’

Jaz McKenzie


  1. Nice tune from Kev he was always a top artist nuff respect from all at Galaxy Radio London

  2. Thanks for the excellent review!!! Kehv is an amazing artist to work with alongside his management. The so very talented actors also played a key factor to make things run so smoothly as they did. I must say it was a great privilege to work with such inspirational people. We are ALL glad to hear that you feel this way about our video...Bless...@1080PHILL/ Director.

  3. Huge thanks for the comments... Its Braap fully supports talented, hardworking people!! Bless Up


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