Rebecca Ferguson - Nothing's Real But Love

I am thrilled to have been given this 5 star acclaimed album 'Heaven' for Christmas. It is Rebecca Ferguson's debut album and the track you are listening to is her debut single.

The first time I ever heard Rebecca, which was her audition on the X-Factor last year, she became my instant top ever contender; now matched by the young American rapper 'Astro.' To me Rebecca is simply outstanding. Apparently, the songs for this album had already been written for Rebecca however she could not get into their groove and ended up co-writing them. Working with material and giving it your own twist is the mark of a good singer in my opinion. Rebecca is extremely talented across the board singing traditional blues, modern R&B and I imagine her versatility stretches to jazz and other genres. There is a calm to her voice that captivates the listener and her subject matter is ever current.

It's high time we had a truly classy singer in this country and Rebecca fits the bill. I look forward to following her career which should be positively dynamic!

Jaz McKenzie