Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Right Direction - Marcia J Ball


Right Direction - Marcia J Ball

The last few days have been very busy for those of us who celebrate Christmas, especially if dealing with highly excited young children... personally I am experiencing a little hiatus here having a house filled with 'Young People!' Either way it is a good time of year to take a breather, exhale and relax. To help us do this I thought we would have a little treat in the lull between Christmas & the New Year. What better than this great tune from Marcia J Ball?

I only discovered Marcia recently & she definitely provides music for the ears & the soul! A little of Marcia goes a long way in these testing times and at this point in life Marcia is set on sharing her talents quite literally through increased live appearances. If you would like to see Marcia 'live' let us know!

Marcia is being promoted in the UK by Selector C who has this to say about his artist:

'Marcia is a girl for all seasons & excels with every song she sings. She is enjoys singing reggae & R&B delighting audiences in Atlanta & Georgia. Next year she is planning to extend to Europe. Please contact me on selectorc@gmail.com to book a show or call +44 or(0)7050029715'

Selector C

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