Friday, 30 December 2011

TIC TAC TOE... what do you think?

Time to write a poem I thought and last night the words ‘Tic Tac Toe’ jumped into my mind followed immediately by an image of an organ grinder with his monkey. So I got up this morning and let the poem write itself! I never know where my writing is going to lead so it’s an adventure into the subconscious everytime. This poem fascinated me, especially when it was clear that in order to end this piece it was necessary to return to the beginning. When I re-visited the organ grinder and was thinking about the way life works, suddenly I understood the true significance of the monkey. It is probable that the monkey will mean different things to different people so I wonder what you will make of it!
Interestingly there is a little saying, ‘Speak to the organ grinder, not the monkey.’ Meaning speak to the boss!


Tic Tac Toe, Tell me
Who really earned the dough?
Was it the monkey or the Organ grinder?
You can’t answer that... Hell NO!
Could be the organ grinder
Churning out sweet music all the while
Or could it be the cutie monkey’s cheeky little smile?
You see boss, probability versus possibility
Leaves us at a loss! odds on or odds off?
You understand? Even with every last detail planned
What could possibly go wrong?
This is life and so it can, the odds are on!
What happened to the wedding singer
Who was singing the special song?
She suffered a sore throat and sang
Like a 91 year old nanny goat!
It wasn’t in the plan... but then
A wedding’s not a wedding without a hiccup
So the newly weds were in luck
Had a story to tell... sigh... just as well!
Going retro for a sec
Can we? Heck!
The guest who swore she’d reach the church on time
Was late... trust British rail... leaves on the line!
Knew the probability, shouda took a taxi!
Then all wouda been fine, no fussing, no crying,

Stress don’t like to rest, the perfect pest!

So, to fail to prepare is preparing to fail... hmmm
Not necessarily... sometimes we’re just good to go
For God blesses the meek and the weak
The very essence of power can lie within defeat!
When you think about it that’s kinda neat.
It’s not an excuse, but when life’s noose
Feels tight around your neck
You can just let go, allowing thoughts to flow
And a solution will formulate
In the cavity of undefined gravity
Once your mind is weightless and free
Prayer, meditation, relaxation; the ancient key
Allowing your inner self to be itself,
Do you see? All of our foregone conclusions
Might prove not to be so
And around we go, the circle of life
In time with the organ grinder
Turning the handle, a little fast
Maybe a little slow... and the monkey?
Is for you to guess and me to know!

Jaz McKenzie 2011 ©

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