Welcome to Christmas Tide, the season of goodwill. So why I wonder do I still keep seeing references to so called, ‘haters’ all over the place? What is it about these ‘haters’ that inspires people to do better? Why should we strive even harder just because somebody has decided that they have a problem with us?

I think it is better to seek inspiration from those who love us, encourage us and give their advice freely so we have a real chance of doing well in our endeavours.

Every time we put up a status referring to our personal haters, speak continually about them to our friends or put a song out in public to ‘get our own back’ we play into their hands by keeping both their actions and influence over us alive; how satisfying this must be for them!! If you are really angry then yes you need to deal with it however, before you explode publicly take a few minutes to consider how such a response is going to reflect on you. I find it best to deal with it privately and move on.

At the moment I am actually very thankful for the incidents I have experienced because they have left me free to develop ‘ Its Braap’ with total focus and I am very happy that this gives me the opportunity not only to speak with positive & creative people but to be able to bring their stories to you.

We need inspiration in this life and the best source of inspiration is always a positive, confident, motivated person who shares their knowledge & experience generously. This type of person is never concerned with their haters because they know that negativity in any form will bring them down.

The one piece of advice I give is to always look towards the light, it will show you the way... as for the darkness; this is for those who wish to waste their time stumbling around and whining about the unfairness of life. For my own calm state of mind I prefer to leave my enemies in the shadows and surround myself with positive people. A thought; have you noticed how these people who turn against us invariably accuse others of taking from them in some way, shape or form when the truth is usually quite the reverse!

2012 is the year when I will make an effort to avoid paying any attention to ‘haters,’ as far as I am concerned life is all about the lovers... so Tina Turner... What’s love got to do with it? Absolutely everything!

Jaz McKenzie