Be Strong Stay Strong! Live Life~Love Life wk 4


I am going to discuss positivity and resilience, what it means to me and how I apply resilience and positivity to my everyday life. This to me means to be in such a position of good health with sufficient energy and vitality which can therefore enable me to support myself in diverse realms. I like to practice a holistic approach to personal well-being including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial. Through this I can learn to explore and pursue my life's mission: to maintain forward progress. I believe that this entertained idea of holistic positivity is a key contributor to resilience or personal ability to bounce back from challenges and obstacles that occur in everyday life.

So what is positivity? Positivity is the frequent familiarity of pleasant/good emotions. Many of these emotions include joy, hope, gratitude, interest, serenity, pride, amusement, love, inspiration. My favourite pleasant emotion at the present time has to be the satisfaction of success, you know that one? When you have worked so hard to achieve something and it pays off, yes! That’s a wonderful feeling of achievement.

The concept of positivity is by no means a constant ideal where individuals never experience negative emotions. Obviously, we are only human and it would be impossible to avoid negativity in our lives; bad things do happen… What’s really important is the ratio of positive to negative emotions over time and we just have to make sure that we have more than enough positive experiences to counterbalance the negative ones.

So what have I learned about positivity and resilience?

In my life I have encountered many obstacles and troubles that have somewhat left me shattered. The key to developing in life is reflection. When I reflect on errors and the initial situation in life I can analyse and assess the ways in which I can cope better if things occur again. I can develop and learn new techniques to be positive and resilient towards negativity regardless of my current state. A bad situation can be turned round by training my mind to become conditioned to positivity, for example: I wake up in the morning and it is raining so I can either ‘huff and puff’ or have a positive mood and say, ‘never mind, grab an umbrella and get on with the day!’ I guarantee that you will have a better day than starting out moody. Try it… by testing this “think positive” technique I can see that it is effective in my life and has helped me to gain more, improving my personal learning and development immensely. I believe that in this universe like attracts like, if you think positively you attract positive energy, if you think negatively then you attract negative energy.

Focus: sometimes life can be very hectic and it can seem as though we might lose control… just focus! Find a focus, this can be something you enjoy doing or something that you need to do. A focus can distract individuals from problems around them and can convert negative energy into something useful like completing course work etc. I don’t know about you but this was my best coping mechanism, try it and let me know.

I have come to the conclusion that the impact of positivity isn't just in the short-term when we relax, smile, or feel better in the moment. I think positivity definitely has longer-term impacts on our outlook regarding ourselves in the world and our relationships with people. It helps us to have a deeper understanding of the world because we can become more open minded. While this may seem like an exaggerative statement, we all know that experiencing these types of feelings and emotions has a much greater impact on our lives than we understand or practice. I personally believe that positive feelings forever change our minds and even our physical form in ways that greatly enhance the quality of our lives. Make a positive effort this week to look at the positives in everything & see what a difference it makes! Be Braap~ Be Positive!


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