Every Day's A Birthday... Claiming your life.

Everyday’s a Birthday!

Whereas we only have one Birthday a year, the day others help us to celebrate our life, the concept of the birthday can be carried throughout the year, that celebration of life in general!

If we choose to look carefully everyday contains a blessing, even if it is a repeat of something that we are familiar with. Consistency on its own is a blessing. Getting up in a ‘free’ country; having friends, making a go of developing ourselves as people, using our talents and growing our businesses. There is plenty to be thankful for when we stop to consider.

Every day we are a day older and if we apply the ability to live and learn, a day wiser. Wisdom is a gift to seek and develop that requires application. Sometimes wisdom grows when we learn to apply it, occasionally passively, allowing people space to explore and learn for themselves rather than supplying all the answers.

Birthdays are a given opportunity to take a look at ourselves, see what we appreciate about ourselves and take stock of our fears. They are an oasis in a busy life, time to indulge and in some ways we can learn to do this at a lesser level on a daily basis.

We have already covered the topics of resolution, positive thinking and meditation in our weekly blogathon, ‘Live Life~Love Life’...posted every Sunday; look out for the picture of the fireworks!! It’s a good idea to try a new experience when given the opportunity and to find a little time to enjoy ourselves on a daily basis. Likewise we need to apply ourselves to our spirituality to promote holistic well being.

In summary, a Birthday is an event along the timeline of your life whereby we celebrate your individuality in an open recognized way. Just scale this down a little and wake up every day feeling excitement at the prospect of the day and every day will be a re-birth-day! Life is not easy, full of ups & downs, emotions and situations you never even thought about, but in conclusion, to a major extent life is what we make it. Go ahead, pick up the positive vibe and strive to make life work for you, remember, the buck stops here.

Jaz McKenzie
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