Facing The Cobra! Live Life ~Love Life wk 2

Facing The Cobra

When we think of meditation the image that rushes to mind is that of a person sitting very still cross legged, totally shutting off from the outside world and clearing the mind of whatever thoughts surface during the silence.

A way of defining meditation is when you give attention and deep thought to one or a set of things.

But what about meditation for us the every day person; who have to work, maintain a household and deal with the obstacles that everyday life throws at us?

Well... I have learnt that the way you meditate is reflected on the type of lifestyle you live or even the way you view the world around you. I personally do not have an hour each morning to sit quietly and meditate, my lifestyle just does not allow for this type of meditation. So, I would like to suggest a practical way of channelling a meditative focus that will benefit you in a very real way. This is by making a collage of visual images which is actually quite simple. Just list the goals you have, the problems you want solved or the achievements you want to work towards for your future: you can start by meditating on your vision board each morning and evening which will keep you positive and start the manifestation that will result in these things coming true.

To get started you need a piece of paper large enough to allow you to put these sections on it: career, home, love, health and extras. In these areas you will put your desires for the next 6 months to a year. Stick them up in a place near your bed so you awake and fall asleep being able to look at it.
So for example in each section you need to be specific about what you want to achieve. If you are in the music business you may want to become more creative. So you would put the word CREATVITY and if you can find a picture that symbolizes this for you then cut it out and stick it on. I find that magazines are a great resource when creating vision boards. You should do this for each area and you can also cut out words too.

The area labelled extras is a place where you can help others, if you know a person who wants to change job you can put them in your extras section. Put their name and next to it the word JOB; also give this your attention whenever you look at your vision board. When looking at your board or remembering your images mentally you will need to have a few minutes quiet, I usually take five minutes to do this morning and evening.

Being specific is key as the universe does not respond to indecisive thoughts. You must have firm conviction in what is it you want and the universe will begin to work for you. While meditating on your list you should envision yourself achieving them and really conjure up that scene in your mind, feel your happiness at achieving this and develop a passion for that moment. This is what manifests your desires and in turn the universe answers by providing the opportunities needed for you to achieve the things you have asked for. Give it a go and you will be surprised by the results!

This type of meditation/ manifestation can be done anywhere at anytime. Once you have your images set in your mind you can return to manifesting and meditating again and again.

Like all things in life if just requires a little practice and discipline, but I know from experience it is a habit well worth developing.


If you have never done this before and find it works for you please let us know how you get on & what significant things you achieve. itsbraap@live.co.uk