'IN MY TIME' Its Braap Interview with MARK LYTTLE Part 2

Yesterday Mark described his musical background and how challenging he is finding it trying to break into the music business. Today we will focus on Mark Lyttle the voice and the style!

We have mentioned Mikey Spice, do you get compared to him very often?

Yes, basically I do and I admire his music and the way he does his thing... my sound is deep like Mikey’s so that will happen. But in time and with the different types of music I’ll be doing I hope to come into my own.

Do you consider it a compliment being compared with Mikey or other excellent singers?

Yes Mikey Spice is highly respected so being compared to him is something good. I have also been compared to Jack Radics and Jeffrey Osbourne, all of which I consider to be a compliment as I grew up listening to their music and respect these people. I hope I can do as well as these people maybe even pass their achievements with God’s help.

The qualities in your voice will draw women immediately as you have that deep, rolling sexy sound; do you attract a male audience as well?

Yes I do pull both audiences but it depends on the song I’m singing. If I’m singing something that’s socially conscious then it usually will appeal to everyone, if I’m singing about love or relationship issues then it will appeal more to the female audience.

Do you write from personal experience or keep your material more general?

Well I do use personal material because I like to write something people can identify with. I will basically imagine I’m like a book writer telling my stories, but whatever I come up with I will put in a bit of my own personal experience into the songs to make it feel more personal and appealing to the listener.

Moving on, you have done a wonderful version of Teddy Pendergrass’s song ‘In my Time,’ what were your reasons for covering this particular song?

Basically I grew up listening to Teddy and I have the same kind of voice. First time I heard it I realised it was something you could sing-a-long to. Teddy is a superstar and has very popular songs so I did something the public can recognise and enjoy. In Jamaica it is not easy to go mainstream but you are respected if you can make a very good cover in your own way and people will come and tell you what they think. Then they are more likely to listen to your own material when they hear it. That’s why I put it on my CD and people will get to know my music. I try to do something that sounds good and is not complicated and can be easily known.

What is your greatest ambition? Is it to do with music?

My greatest ambition is to become an internationally known artist that contributes good positive music to the world and be able to make a comfortable living off what I love to do.

You have already said that you are a conscious-centred artist. With regards to world poverty, what difference do you think you can make as an artist or an individual?

Personally I think in my music I can choose whatever subject I want to sing about and can stimulate and influence people in a positive direction. Finding something positive and giving it a good hook can feed the mind and the brain and cause people to react. Doing something from a positive angle at the end of the day helps create a better society.

Being of a positive mind, what is your favourite inspirational saying?

My favourite inspirational saying comes from the Bible. It is ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ Personally, I have had my rough times & my hard times. There are times when I would look in the mirror and say this to myself and believe it. I will speak positive to myself and even if it doesn’t get better at that time I find the positive attitude helps you to keep a clear mind and have the power to deal with whatever situation I’m faced with.

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