Martin Luther King - I Have A Dream Speech - August 28, 1963


Martin Luther King, youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Award.

King was indisputably one of the world’s most inspirational characters being unafraid to stand up and proclaim his messages, fighting the struggle for equality, fighting to bring an end to poverty and to end the Vietnam War. King made some of the most illuminating and engaging speeches in history, which have been re-played and written about repeatedly to this day. Sadly many unspeakable horrors are still within the very fabric of society.

As a society we still hold Martin Luther King’s dream close to our hearts, despite great progress the wrongs are still highly evident, particularly we see the recession hitting the poor amongst us, children killing children, rioting in the streets and many aspects of civil unrest. Racism is still venomous and influential in many ways, even with an increasing population of racial mixes and improved cultural understanding.

The fight for justice and peace continues and today there are many organisations concerned with improving different aspects of society. The Peacekeepers USA/UK, committed to working within the local community to engage people represented by the slogan, ‘I am Present for peace.’ There are other organisations and many smaller initiatives who are working on different projects to help involve and stimulate people to be positive and develop an interest in different projects. Obtaining focus and developing understanding are key elements in creating a happier and more open minded society.

Wars will continue, hatred combined with violence, murder or insidious forms of seclusion will continue BUT we cannot sit here doing nothing. Look how King’s dream has infiltrated society. One man stood up and spoke, millions listened. No matter who you are you can make a difference, even if only to a few people, so go out there and find the role you were made for. In the words of Najashi, founder/leader of band ‘Dread Daze,’ ‘Peace-in’

Jaz McKenzie