NOT A GAME by Wize-Dome The Lyricist

Phillip Peters Jr aka Wize-Dome TheLyricist. I'm an aspiring Lyricist and Poet who writes about real life experiences and situations people can relate to. This piece is basically reaching out to people saying when I write or speak my words I do it the right way, positive, uplifting & righteous. Life is something we should take seriously, it's not a game, in all you do keep it real, set examples for the youths because the things we do they will follow. If we do good the youths will do good, if we do bad they will do bad also.

As Poets, musicians or singers we need to be setting examples for the youths. The mic and the pen are both powerful tools as we can speak and write life or death.


Written by Phillip Peters Jr aka Wize-Dome TheLyricist

Don't be phased when I get on the mic
Cause when I spit my verse i'ma do it right
I'ma speak for the less fortunate and speak for the poor
Speak for the ones who ain't here any more
I'ma speak to the gangsters and speak to the thugs
I'ma say it out loud bring back the love
Don't think of yourselves think of the youths
Encourage them daily tell them the truth
Whatever we do the youths will follow
So alway do good and keep out of trouble
Think positive and talk upright
Live in love people please don't fight
Respect is something we gotta give to earn
We reap what we sow It's how we learn
Do good each and everyday
Take life serious it not a game you play

© Phillip Peters Jr

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