Once Upon A Time...

Life to a child is relatively straight forward and filled with stories that will challenge inquiring minds. Whilst being challenged however, it is a fact that children often lack the power to distinguish reality from fantasy, hence Father Christmas & the tooth fairy appear very real... by the way, how much is a tooth these days?

As adults we understand how grueling and challenging life actually is and that every rose has its thorns! Yet if we look back at childhood tales they do have a way of preparing young minds to encompass good and bad. Fantasy is actually based very loosely on reality when you come to consider. The poison apple, how often are we bewitched into doing things by people who are great flatters? The gingerbread house... what tempts us even when we are subconsciously alerted to danger? Today's poem is entitled, 'Once Upon A Time' and gives a brief glance into the reality/fantasy divide.

Once Upon a Time

Let’s look at Once Upon a Time
That reassuring line pertaining to fairytales
Enter the world of nonsense rhyme
Full of snips & snails & puppy dog tails!
A fantasy world with a happy ending?
Poor Gingerbred man, his plot went wrong!
But Snow White survived the poisoned apple
Eternally singing her wonderful song
‘Happily Ever After,’ bangs the fairy tale gong!

The world is a dangerous place
Life to death is not a race with
Wicked fairies, Kings and Queens
At every turn, thwarting dreams
The school of hard knocks
100% attendance... rocks!
Step up to the challenge
Monopoly not a board game
To monopolise life is control
Control + Teamwork=GOAL!
So get behind your ball & dribble... LOL!

Jaz McKenzie ©