A Tree is just A Tree!

We’re still right at the beginning of the new year and whilst I was wondering what to blog about I noticed the ‘silhouette’ of the cherry tree just outside. It’s a stark reminder of winter, being stripped to the bare branches, yet it has a strength about it having withstood the recent high winds and lashings of rain. I was contemplating this and admiring the tree when this thought occurred to me; the cherry tree is actually a static tribute to the purpose of life and holds a few truths close to its branches. I have brought these ideas to the forefront in my poem, ‘A Tree is just A Tree.’

A Tree is just a Tree

Study of the naked cherry tree,
Silhouette only, existing in the winter light
Centrepiece, framed outside the domain of my window
Solid trunk cleft neatly several feet high
To expand as an array of branches and twigs
Predominately pointing upwards towards the sky
A fact that has lain un-noticed by my blinded eyes
Drawn only by the pink blossom demanding attention
Forming a natural work of art in motion
As the petals fall, creating a blanket on the ground.

How true to life, the inability to notice reality
So often chasing a dream that will wither & die
Whilst the truth is visible, yet so often we deny
The facts, right there in front of our eyes
Those little branches pointing upwards on a mission
Creating a memorable vision to implant in the mind
For a cherry tree knows nothing, it has no choice
No inner voice beguiling it to try another way
Internal trickery not an option under skies
Of blue or grey, solitarily confined 24 hours a day

We have movement
We have a voice
We have freedom of thought
Ultimately we have choice

So allow your roots to spread in the soil
Of love, wisdom and compassion
Drinking it in, your daily food
Whilst God’s light shines upon your branches
Throughout the seasons of your days
So, like the cherry tree every part of your being
Will be uplifted towards the ultimate destination
Somewhere beyond the blue

But what if heaven is on earth?
Just play your part in life and enjoy
Love, laughter and happiness
The gifts for all seasons
Help spread these to everyone
Be it man, woman, girl or boy
So light up the world with a smile!
Whilst your blossom drifts with the wind

Jaz McKenzie 2012 ©

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