Today is Chinese New Year, celebrated by 1/6th of the world and it is the year of the dragon... ARE WE READY TO BREATHE FIRE????

Its Braap is more than ready and we have chosen this day to launch our NEW website
This is a specific site that will run alongside our other ventures and unlike many talent siteS caters for the front and back end of the industry. You can register as a model, singer, camera operative, make-up artist and many more. If you can’t find your category please use ‘Other’ and let us know for future reference at

You may also register jobs. If you are looking for dancers for a music video, actors, a drummer or anything associated with the entertainment industry post your job now!

All services are free
so please spread the word. If by any chance you experience a problem with the site please let us know.

Returning to Chinese New Year, did you know that one Chinese legend has it, when Buddah was dying he called all the animals in the world to his side & only 12 turned up. As a Thank you he honoured the animals by naming the years after them in the order the animals appeared... so now you know, Dragons are not figments of the imagination... they are real! Lovely story well worth the telling.

Jaz McKenzie