Sunday, 1 April 2012

Pennies From Heaven. Why we should give. Live Life~Love Life

Why is it good to give?

A great question arising from the old saying, ‘It’s better to give than to receive.’ But why? Surely if we just keep on receiving we will eventually be satisfied as our needs are being met?
Not so, being at the mercy of others is a very poor position to be in. Sitting back and just taking from life, from others weakens you on every level. It would be a little like being a hoover. You go along hoovering up everything and sooner or later your bag will burst! Life is a question of balance and we should strive to achieve a balance in all areas of life, yet life itself is inconsistent. There are times when we need help, support and love; equally there are times when we give help, support and love. Life is a bit of a Yo- Yo but hopefully we get it right overall!

Let’s consider a fact that is so easily overlooked. To be in a position to give means that you are already in receipt of a gift! In order to give we need to have. It’s simple. If you have money you can give money but if you don’t you can’t! One of the things people love to give is advice... if I were you...This can be very valuable or highly insensitive, however if it is given freely with good intention the onus is on the recipient to attribute value and merit, to use or to ignore is the question. When the advice is genuine and the sole purpose is to help you move forwards, even if you reject the advice it is good to thank the person and let them know you took time to consider their suggestion.

Giving time is an interesting concept. People often resent others who make demands on their time, yet time can be the greatest gift we are able to give. Look at our families. Sometimes we are so wrapped up with deadlines that we spend our lives saying, ‘tomorrow.’ Tomorrow I’ll find time to visit my parents. Tomorrow I’ll help the kids with their homework. Tomorrow I’ll spend a few minutes with Mark in accounts to help him understand that spreadsheet he’s struggling with. Time is precious so think how much more people will appreciate you giving up a little of your time for them.

Sharing knowledge can be quite a challenge. Knowledge is power and there are people who like to hold onto knowledge like gold nuggets! This will not increase their power as much as it would if they shared. If you hold onto the knowledge someone else seeks, the probability is they will just continue seeking elsewhere. Once they find the answer, besides having the knowledge they sought they have they added benefit of knowing that you are less confident of your position than would appear. When you share knowledge you empower others and that makes you more attractive rather than less attractive. In turn, people will talk with you more and may well bring new ideas to your table. Sharing creates potential for growth and once you open up as a person, your generosity will be noticed.

The more we give the more we receive. Quite simply life seems to work that way. You won’t necessarily receive in kind because we all need different things, but the probability is that your needs will be met with help often coming from unexpected sources. Most of us feel really good when we give willingly because it is a natural act. There is an inner satisfaction in helping others in whatever way we can, some people basing their entire lives around helping others. For most of us, giving is something we already do but just need to pay a little more attention to. Sometimes it’s just a question of stopping to listen rather than having a blinkered focus.

Here’s a little idea to encourage us! Next time you are counting your blessings, remember that by giving we can enrich and bless others.

Jaz McKenzie

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