Monday, 9 April 2012

Tonnero - Don't Envy Me~ Hot track from Braapper 'Tony Tonnero'... Read what he has to say!


Nuff Respek ... And Thank you for the Love and Support to push an upcoming Artist like me forward... I am A Nigerian Doing Music in Ghana and I have some tracks I am promoting!! I am versatile and so I found it even difficult to put myself in any Category of music and I am still giving it a thought!

The track 'Don't Envy' is just an Inspirational track of what is going on in society and my environment. As you know a lot of bad mind people are everywhere. They just wish you to go down even when you don't think of them and whenever they see you making progress in what you do. For me, most people didn't believe that I can do this because they are too familiar with me ha haha.... You got to believe in yourself. I have a video to my credit now and its on You tube. I have Shared it on Its Braaps new page.

I am doing everything in my career by myself and I am in search of a good management team to help me build my career to the next level.

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