Are You Good For Business ?!?! Live Life~Love Life WK 21

This week the greatest business show in London was held at the Excel Exhibition Hall, Docklands. I found some real encouragement and good advice at hand, some of which can be easily shared. Below are 10 points to be taken seriously if you wish to succeed. After all: If a thing is worth doing it's worth doing well!

Lesson 1: Every Passion can become profitable. Whatever you do just keep on doing it and the universe will find ways to help you grow, bringing new opportunities that you may not have even considered.

Lesson 2: Make sure both you and all your employees are working in a good positive environment. Keep it well repaired, decorate it in good vibe colours such as yellow to increase the feel good factor.

Lesson 3: Don’t give up! Every time you reach an obstacle try and find a way around it, over it, through it... just keep going.

Lesson 4: If you have changed from accepting life to being ambitious do not expect friends & family to automatically support you. The new you is a shock to them and as such intrudes on their comfort zone. They were comfortable with you but now feel they do not know you, so don’t force things on them or expect a great reaction.

Lesson 5: To make your business work you need to be able to anticipate all the questions that might be asked of you to the best of your ability. Research your market, identify your clients and analyze your product or services.

Lesson 6: If it hasn’t been done before or has been done and failed, there might be good a reason. On the other hand it might be that the previous ways were not the best, so if you believe in yourself, continue to research and modify your product.

Lesson 7: Safeguard your intellectual property. Use confidentiality contracts to protect ideas and products and they must be used from day 1. You cannot patent any product if you have even mentioned it to your friends and family without an agreement. Find out about patents, trademarks, registered designs and copyrights in your country and internationally.

Lesson 8: Avoid expensive mistakes. Use infringement researches to check names before you start your business.

Lesson 9: The creator has ownership of intellectual property including logos and websites unless you have a clearly stated assignment of copyright prior to commencement of the design.

Lesson 10: Whatever business you are in you will require a clear business plan: for your own use, to agree funding with the bank or to apply for grants. You must have a clear vision for your business and reasonably accurate financial forecasts. Always know your market and how you will create opportunities to grow.

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