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Beauty is one of the most desirable qualities in our society and skin deep beauty is recognized as something people aspire to, causing feelings of jealousy, envy and many other unhealthy qualities in other people. The beautiful may well become rich and famous simply because of the way they look; very often it’s a case of having the right look at the right time. Sadly, 'the beautiful‘ so often set the trends and standards for the masses, leading perfectly healthy people to change their diets and lifestyle to reflect popular fashions in a bid to be accepted.

People who are less attractive sometimes choose to reassure themselves that true beauty comes from within. This is an undeniable truth that we should all recognize and the good news ~ internal beauty is within the reach of all those who seek it regardless of physical appearance.

So, how can you help yourself become beautiful on the inside? What exactly is inner beauty? The easiest way to answer this is to look at the people around us who make us feel warm and positive about ourselves and ask; ‘what is it about this person that makes me feel this way?’

Do people come to you with their problems, seek your assistance, enjoy being around you? If the answer is yes then you already possess an attractiveness or inner beauty that is appealing to others. ‘Beautiful people’ are often very popular however may have many people who resent them being jealous of their attractive qualities. Often this is a fact that escapes them because they tend to see the good in others and may be blissfully unaware as they do not embrace negativity.

To be beautiful on the inside it helps to feel good about yourself. A good start is to look at the things you do well as these will form the foundation to build your confidence. You could be good at running your home and making a great environment for your family; maybe you give other people good advice and encourage them to achieve. When you know your strengths and have listed them look at those around you. What qualities do you see in others that attract you? Maybe one of your friends is a very good listener and you don’t know how she does it. That is something you can work on. These days, many people are so busy that they do not really listen to others, making this a valuable and sought after skill. Some people have a knack of saying the right thing and may appear very wise. This is often because they have taken time to observe others and different aspects of life so they will have ideas to hand that can easily be shared. Being tuned into the world creates an enhanced understanding of other people and the kinds of situations that they face even if we have not experienced anything similar ourselves. Once you have created your own baseline you can decide which elements can easily be extended and work on those first. There are things we wouldn’t necessarily consider that are forms of inner beauty such as a great sense of humour and the ability to make the best of a difficult situation.

Whatever you decide to work on you will find that the more you put into any form of self improvement the more you will want to improve. Positivity breeds positivity but it also needs to be kept in clear focus as negativity tends to creep in from nowhere and overwhelm us when we take our eyes off the goal!
Inner beauty is about sharing love and positivity, appreciating the good in others and encouraging them to make the best of themselves especially in times of trouble. Inner beauty stems from an appreciation of life itself and all the blessings we receive; a sunny day, winning the lottery or a simple thank you for a job well done. Life is all about balance and we need to take time to cultivate our personalities and family life as much as our careers! Many of us go to the gym to improve our physical beauty yet this can be destroyed so easily and naturally adjusts with age. Inner beauty should be the reverse and as we get older the more attractive our nature should become. Life is about living, giving and loving. The more we focus on developing these qualities the happier we will be because like so often attracts like.

That old saying about doing a good deed for the day is actually a very good place to start and once you open your eyes to those around you will find it no problem to accomplish this little task!

Jaz McKenzie

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