This is the second work we have shared from young poet Essence, AKA April Bunbury. (Enter Essence into search on the right to locate her previous work & discover more about her.) Essence has a very straightforward style yet her poems are actually deep & worth contemplating. Essence primarily looks at life and this poem is supportive of our philosophy which is finding your own way in life through maintaining a positive vibe. Remember, true freedom lies with you.

~IB~ are very pleased to be able to share different poetical styles with you and have contributions from different authors on the blog. Please note that later today we will be posting part 3/4 in our series 'Poetry Mechanics a "toolshed" in 20 paragraphs,' written for ~IB~ by Louis J Casson
(check pages above for more info on Louis).

The Book

The book of colours
The book of love
The book of life
Colour me ugly
So I can be free
Open your heart, SO you can fly
Be like a bird and fly through the sky
See no limits to what you can do
Or feel
No rules
No boundaries
Let go of the negative
See the light
Embrace in positive energy
The love that... surrounding you
Turn the life you always dreamed about into reality


Grab life at the throat
Be real
The book of emotions is no ordinary book
Ordinary perception
For real... yes
Like you’ve never seen me before!

April Bunbury AKA Essence ©

For more work by ESSENCE check out; http://www.aprilbunbury.blogspot.co.uk/

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