'Fresh Platitudes,' by LOUIS CASSON~ NEW ~IB~ Poet

~IB~ are pleased to present Louis Casson~ a published poet, musician and lyricist from Northampton, UK.

Musically, Louis has a great feel for the blues, playing guitar and bass guitar, whilst his emotions are given free reign throughout Louis' poems and lyrics. In addition, Louis is keen on self development and works as a coach and stress management consultant.

Louis has kindly written a short series of articles for ~IB~ to provide guidance for people who wish to try their hand at poetry and includes suggestions for getting work published. This will be a special Wednesday feature starting week, Wednesday 16th May and will run for 4 weeks. We will dedicate a page to Louis at the top of the blog so that you may read his bio and be able to locate links to his sites quickly.

Fresh Platitudes

Initial courtship of the new,
leads all in the sweetest song.
Before taken for granted,
too close and over familiar jokes occur;
the first deal is the best one.

Ceasing therefore
to beat myself up on the path taken,
it ain’t really a must.
The future turned out not as predicted
makes all past redundant,
unimportant dust.

I had to nip and tuck the plans,
arriving at this day.
What if imperfect results,
from this distance I win anyway.

This poem copyright Louis J. Casson 2012 All rights reserved.

Blog Link: http://louisjcasson.blogspot.com

audio link: http//www.behance.net/ljcasson

If you would like to write articles or join our growing list of ~IB~ poets contact: itsbraap@live.co.uk