GO GET IT! Live Life~Love Life WK 22

If you don’t go get it, it sure won’t come to you!!!

Our destiny is in our hands. Whether you agree with that or not the fact is, the more drive you have the more you will achieve. The world is a huge place offering a multitude of experiences and opportunities which with drive and determination you can ‘make your own,’ to coin a popular phrase!

Sometimes we lose track of our ‘go get it’ attitude and may be tempted to enter the ‘moany mode’ where we feel sorry for ourselves about a specific situation or life in general. The minute you change your outlook to one of a positive nature something will happen to re-affirm your faith in yourself and your ability to achieve.

It may be that you need to take action in order to re-ignite your internal flame or passion. Planning events into your calendar where you will meet positive people and have learning opportunities is always a good move. I have to say that the Excel Business show was a phenomenal motivator, so of course now we have the dip that follows the peak however it is only a dip if we allow it. Recognizing the natural cycle of ups and downs helps you to take the downs in your stride and not stress... just fix your eyes ahead and appreciate every good thing that comes your way.

What do you most want in life? For years I wanted to meet Lenny Kravitz and one day, I will meet Lenny Kravitz. In the meantime there is much to be done on a very real level and day to day living is the priority. Today we visited to the maritime museum and saw a picture of Havana... It reminded me that for years I have wished to go to Havana for a holiday, being the home of Carlos Acosta and the Cuban National Ballet... so that’s 2 things on the wish list!
Now, meeting Lenny might sound a bit of a fantasy and Havana more of a reality, but what if there was nothing on the wish list? How dry would life be then? Meeting Lenny sounds impossible, but interviewing Tippa Irie would have sounded impossible back in 2005 before I was on the internet and had zero knowledge of reggae. The fact is we can achieve many things contrary to expectation and meet many interesting people. So how does it work? Simply by believing in yourself... developing new skills...making opportunities... believing in yourself... all with the support and encouragement of others. We have to work WITH OURSELVES to create our own futures. Once you take yourself seriously you start to meet people and be offered choices. The more creative you become the more opportunities you can initiate or take advantage of. Life will not be plain sailing but the fun is just as much in the achievement of overcoming obstacles, essential in building self belief. The more things you do, the more you are able to do. SIMPLES!

Next stop... the planning shop! You need to decide what you want & how you will achieve it. There is plenty of advice available from financial planning to a zillion things. My plan is to keep doing what I am doing & move it onto the next level... God willing the Lenny bit will fit in somewhere! Why is this important? Because every great person had a dream and a plan. Whatever is important to you becomes your goal, so don't sit there thinking... GO GET IT!

Jaz McKenzie

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