~IB~ recently interviewed Mystere Jones, American hip hop artist and the force behind the film 'Hood Boogas.' We are pleased to announce that this film can now be rented for 7 nights at a cost of ONLY $1.99 from Amazon... Link top right of the page... so it would be great if some of you show support & watch it... on my agenda this week as actions speak louder than words! To find out more follow the link and read the interview... please use the search box.

Hood Boogas went down very well when it was shown on the big screen & now we have universal access, so we hope that you will enjoy it. For those of you who do, here are some points to consider:

1) Is it a film you relate to?
2) Did it have you rolling around laughing?
3) Most importantly, what did YOU make of the film?

I will write a short review next week and in addition we thought it would be fun to invite you to send us your views of the film too... quick comments welcomed as you do not need to be a writer to do this! If we have a good response we will post your thoughts on the blog. Send to itsbraap@live.co.uk Alternatively you can send your comments to our Facebook page opposite.

Thank You

Jaz McKenzie

If you have made a film or have a favourite film by an up and coming producer/director which you would like to bring to our attention contact: itsbraap@live.co.uk