Life is SOOOO Amazing!

Just for a change I have decided to share a little experience that is definitely going to contribute to an inner glow!! We speak so often about life's timing & God's goodness. Since January this year I have been thinking about going back to the gym... thinking because gyms are incredible expensive and fit into the luxury category! Just lately I have realized more and more that swimming would be really beneficial as walking, which I do plenty of on a daily basis, does not loosen your muscles, it merely works them.

Last week my son handed me a leaflet for a special offer at a gym in Croydon which is about 45 mins walk away. It seemed a good idea so I made an appointment to go along the next day however was unable to keep it. There were 70 discounted places available & as I was out of London last weekend I thought they might disappear! Using my mother's premise that if you're meant to have something you will get it, I went along today & signed up... Oh yes... unlimited, non restricted access to swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna & exercise equipment for the cost of a Macdonalds each week! Now that's a bargain!! First session 9.30 am tomorrow.. oh yes, and free towels included.. Time to get fit!! Its Braap~Its Gym!

Jaz McKenzie