Ms HOLLYWOOD~ Enticing poem by JAY DIZZLE

~IB~ have previously featured some interesting works by Jaz Dizzle and his latest poem is no exception; telling quite a tale in a very stylish manner! We hope you enjoy.

Versace Frames with polarized lenses
House of Dereon Pearls
Global express international travelling
A woman on a mission
A woman on a rise
Ms Hollywood you are too Bad
Sexy confident walk that hypnotizes
You are a black widow in disguise
You woo me with your jewels
Tom Ford clothing
Style was named after you
Essence of lust follows you
Sight of rainbow prism's stop the masses
Michael Kors watches that stops time
Ivy League advanced classes
You choose your victims wisely
Yet we can not see your web
Invisible to the game
Yet your time now has passed
Ms Hollywood I was yet a fool
To fall for your shiny things
I lost my soul
I return these things with pride
For I no longer will be a slave on your ride


STAY TUNED~ coming later today~ part 1/4 'Poetry Mechanics,' a series of articles by Louis Casson

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