National Maritime Museum Greenwich

Greenwich is a fascinating place and besides setting Greenwich Mean Time it has a substantial history.
Today we are sharing some pictures from the National Maritime Museum to encourage people to visit whether living in the UK or over for a vacation. There are several floors in the museum with different galleries. These pictures are from the section dedicated to the history of slavery and it was very educational. I was surprised to discover that many things were traded prior to the commencement of slavery including cloth and crafts with the amounts and prices firmly controlled by the Africans.

These pictures are beautifully detailed and as clear as possible in the circumstances! I didn't see any signs prohibiting photography & will share the link so you can read up a little more.

LEFT: This picture was a make believe to give the impression that the slaves were able to have a good time.

ABOVE: I think that this picture was accommodation on the plantation

RIGHT: Planting sugar cane in Barbados

ABOVE: I am not sure who this guy is however he is resplendent!

LEFT: Model Ship & boat

There is also a book of quotes avaiable to do with the emancipation that actually evoked quite a few emotions.

Jaz McKenzie

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