Okamoto Studio Ice Sculpture ... Watch to find out how it's done~Fascinating!

Ever wondered how an ice sculpture is not only made but transported to a location? 

Okamoto Studio is the premiere ice carving studio in New York providing sculptures for all the top events, creating sculptures to fit in with themes or promote branding... The IB of our logo would look very cool in ice!

Whatever you want to know about this art, here you will find all the answers and many interesting snippets of information given during a running commentary; complimented by Jeremy Okamoto who adds significant details. The video shows many different sculptures and a special commission that we can follow from start to finish. Great work which highlights why ice sculpture should be more in the public eye.

There is quite a history attached to ice carving commencing with ice harvesting referred to in 600 B.C. In the 1600's Chinese fisherman and hunters who were on the border of Russia, where they experienced Siberian winters, made lanterns from ice. The little Chinese town of Harbin in Heilongjiang is recognized as the most significant place in the history of ice sculpting and is home to the annual Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. Today there are many festivals around the world including Alaska, Japan, China and London. There are even ice sculpting courses available in different cities. Something new, interesting and fun to put on the 'To Do' list!

Jaz McKenzie

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