OLYMPIC FLAME... Dedicated to everyone involved in the new musical Olympus


This poem was inspired by a hot, sunny London day and the beautiful new musical, 'Olympus... A Race against time.' I loved this musical and everything it stands for. Beautiful music, live and progressive theatre, a sense of community and co-operation, a simple yet intricate storyline and most importantly the embodiment of love. A quality musical promoting a quality lifestyle.

This poem focuses on the reality of choice, so don't be fooled life is not a game.

London’s Burning!!!
So tread cautiously
Lest you feel the paving stones
Searing the bottoms of your feet
Whilst you pace yourself with care
And grit your teeth...
Trial by fire the order from on high
Will you crash like a lead weight to the ground
Feeling the fires of hell licking you from all around
Or will you be swept up by a merciful angel
To the realms of glory and taught how to fly?

Olympic flame, journey followed by the masses
Light burning brightly for a designated span of time
What of your light? Do you tend it daily?
Oh little inner light divine... a flicker or a flame?
Learn from the Olympians and train
Yourself in the ways of the wise
Love alight, shining like the orange streaks
In summer evening skies
For it is within our souls the truth
About our inner beauty lies
Love passed like the Olympic torch
From generation to generation
Time immemorial, Love immortal
Essence of humanity, combined with Godliness
The truth will sanctify.

Jaz McKenzie ©

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