Poetry Mechanics: A 'toolshed' in 20 paragraphs~PT 2/4 by Louis J Casson

Continuing with our inspiring new series written specially for ~IB~ by Louis J Casson. Louis has provided plenty of tips to help you write and publish poetry. If you have naver written a poem before why not have a go... you can send your work to itsbraap@live.co.uk Poetry is personal and we are not judging the standard!!

Previous article (paragraphs 1-5) posted on 16th May, with more to come on Wednesday 30th May & 6th June. ENJOY!

6. Why write poems anyway?

To express something we feel is worthwhile sharing this with others our insight, comment, satire, humour.

7. You will find discouragement and also indifference to your poems.

KEEP ON! A recent phrase I came across and find helpful is “The mission continues”. Alternative phrase, from Van Morrison: “It’s too late to stop now”.

8. Accept the reality.

There are so many poets or writers out there; the good inevitably gets lost in the tide of mediocre, and not so good. Agent and publishers are pressed for time and swamped by the volume of submissions.

9. Keep in mind Sting’s comment:

“If you aren’t in it for the music, then there’s really no point”; it is the same with poetry. Poetry is not an alternative to the X factor – you are unlikely to get rich, or become a celebrity; so you have to do it for its own sake.

10. Go and do; just make a start.

For those starting you can gain a lot from groups, correspondence courses, and books.

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