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Poetry Mechanics a 'toolshed' in 20 paragraphs PT 3/4 by Louis J Casson

This is the third part in our poetry series aimed to inspire you to have a go at writing your own poems. Louis is an experienced poet & life coach who we are fortunate to have on board. Louis & ~IB~ would love to receive some new works and are not judgemental in anyway. Poetry is all about self expression~ as you can see from Louis' article~ and we all take time to develop a style. Please feel free to comment on the article & send your work to

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11. Keep self belief in your abilities, which are developing all the time.
This is vital as like others in the Arts; critics, rejection, misinterpretation, misunderstanding, indifference, even hatred, are all part of the territory you have to deal with.

12. Set your own internal guidelines:
What subjects, language, etc will you decline to release? Is the work good enough, to your own standard?

13. Be yourself.
Poets are like everyone else; they just also happen to write.

14. Life is not neatly ordered
– frequently the lines or ideas for some lyrics or a poem will pop into your head at not really convenient times, e.g. the middle of the night, or in the day during work. In which case rapidly write them down, because otherwise they can’t be recalled later! Always have a pen and some paper to hand.

15. Use your network and Social Media
outlets to raise awareness of your work, including:- your emailing list, Forums, Blog. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Poetry competitions, writers magazines.

The final part of this series will be avaiable next Wednesday, 6th June. We hope that you will join us! &... if you missed any just enter poetry mechanics in the search box opposite!

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Big thanks to Louis and if you wish to write a poem, inspiring article or even a short piece of prose for ~IB~ contact

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