'NATURAL' introducing new ~IB~ poet ESSENCE

Today we are sharing a poem from Essence~ a young singer, songwriter and pianist who studied music at Hackney Community College & Middlesex University. She is interested in all aspects of the business from copyright to popular music culture, recently organizing the 'TIMELESS' event we publicized recently which will take place next Tuesday (enter Timeless in the search box opposite.) Essence has drive & determination combined with a very heartfelt and honest approach which comes through in her writing. Currently she is working with R&B singer Chanelle Hall whom we will be hearing more about at a later date on ~IB~ RIGHT: Picture of Essence

It’s a drug we crave.
For some it’s an addiction.
The natural being of life.
That brings us as people together.
The creation of a new being.
Who can ask for better blessing.
God’s greatest creation!

The sex of life.
The sex of being.

Natural forms
Natural beings
Creates life
Can be created in many forms

Has its own definition
Own worth
Own quality
Measured in many ways
Many forms
Many feelings
Many emotions

The passion

Some say it’s a game
A natural part of life
Is it real
Is it fake
Or is it just SEX

It’s the sex of life!

April Bunbury AKA ESSENCE ©


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