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When the chips are down... Never give up! Live Life~Love Life WK 20

When the chips are down...Never Give Up!

Life is amazing but there are times when, like a marathon runner, we face the metaphorical wall. We know what we need to do but lack the enthusiasm or motivation to forge ahead and do it. Sometimes we work so hard we burn out so to speak, yet we still need to meet our targets. If we are consumed with passion for a project we can be in danger of devoting too much time to it and burdening ourselves with a guilt complex should we knock off a bit early! There is always more to do and there will always be more to be done but physically we do need to rest.

We have been given something called leisure time, in fact it first appears in the Bible when God made the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th. Rest and relaxation are essential for our health, both physical and mental and gives us time to rejuvenate and possibly the rest will enable us to take our thoughts in a new direction.

To give up is to admit defeat so before we take that final step we need to ask ourselves why we are choosing to do so. It might be a lack of resources, in which case we can research other mediums or think of new ways to do things. Sometimes we lack support which can become a physical and mental drain. Striving to achieve a complicated project as an individual will only work for so long and you may need to recruit others to help. Athletes for example, need coaches to keep them motivated and help improve technique if they are to stand a chance of winning a medal: likewise businesses often benefit from multiple input which generates new ideas.

It may be that you feel you have been doing the same thing for too long and not getting anywhere; go back and look at the baby steps that have carried you this far. You have probably come a lot further than you imagined, which is reassuring and maybe you just need to assess the best way forwards. Speaking with people can open your eyes to new possibilities, new avenues or different ways of marketing and through networking you will make new contacts. Good business opportunities occur when people try to find mutually beneficial ways of working together. It might be that the other person benefits more however if there are still benefits for you then do not dismiss the idea out of hand. When people allow feelings into the framework and are over sceptical of motive they could miss out on a good opportunity to take their business to the next level.

There are some things in life that can be left for a while to no detrimental effect. If you have a hobby that you find challenging... knitting, photography or language for instance, these can be returned to and brushed up on at a later date. A short break might be beneficial in coping with frustration.

As with most things in life, there are times when this rule may be broken. Occasionally giving up is the best option, putting down a boring book for instance as there are too many good books in this world just waiting to be read. Everything is a matter for personal judgement, especially where relationships are concerned, but giving up in most situations should not be your first choice as striving for solutions and motivation are better and more rewarding options in the long run contributing to personal growth which helps develop your potential. The best course of action is to take sufficient time to evaluate a situation thoroughly before making any final decisions. Our final words of advice...

When life gets on top of you, take a quick break & re-motivate!!

Jaz McKenzie

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  1. Really liking this one (Y) Just what I wanted to hear :) some very good points you touched up on Jess xx