27 Dresses and a Roast Chicken! ... Priorities, Priorities! Live Life~Love Life WK 26

Crazy title I know - however I was trying to think what to write about whilst the film ‘27 Dresses’ was showing and my son said, ‘Roast Chicken.’ Having told him not to be ridiculous he retorted that I should be able to write about anything: challenge accepted! So what’s the important point here... this article... not the film nor the dinner, so prioritizing it is!

Prioritizing... how much of a priority is it to you? Some people do not realize the importance of incorporatiing prioritizing into everyday life and only consider it a necessity in order to meet deadlines such as booking a holiday, replacing a broken fridge or making an emergency dental appointment. The fact is that learning to prioritize is a real skill and once acquired allows us more time to do the things that we enjoy. Prioritizing, when done well, prevents procrastination which in turn frees us mentally. If we fail to prioritize we may avoid all those tasks that we don’t want to address and end up doing them in a rush with bad grace.

Prioritizing releases the flow of life and helps us to be ‘ever-ready.’ Returning to ’27 Dresses’ for a second... if you are going to a wedding tomorrow which you have known about for months you will need to have your outfit, accessories, card and present at the ready. If you leave it until the day before things could go horribly wrong; you might forget to take a gift, can’t find shoes to match your outfit or at the very least, end up rushing around... maybe you forgot to check the route or misplace your invitation.

It is not only tasks that you need to prioritize, you need to prioritize across all areas of your life if you wish to have a healthy, balanced lifestyle. There are times when essentials like cooking the dinner are a must however other segments of time may be used as you choose- and that decision will depend on your priorities. It is also wise to remain flexible so that you gain the most from life, even when prioritizing! If it is sunny you might change your plans and make it your priority to go for a walk early on in the day and deal with correspondence later. If a friend is upset you may need to drop everything for the morning and spend time with that friend instead. Maybe 'you' are currently your priority and need some time to relax and put other things on hold. Prioritizing isn’t always 'doing', sometimes making space in life is the priority. Different types of learning are important and it may be that you prioritize learning a life skill to help you improve; self improvement is something we always need to make time for.

Religion is a priority for many people and runs throughout everything that they do, often having a specific day a week given oven to worship and significant events/celebrations. People may not hold such beliefs but still set time aside to meditate or possibly explore different religions. Health has to be a priority, likewise family time, work, achieving goals in life... whatever is important in your life, make sure it's a priority... After all, it's your life and you know what's best so... Over to you!

Jaz McKenzie

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